NEB Major English (Optional) – Syllabus / Course

Grade XI                                                                                                                      

Full Marks 100

Teaching hours 150

Section A:           Integrating Language and Literature

Section B:           History of English Literature

                             Unit       1. Old English to English Renaissance

                                           2: The Age of Intellect and Rebellion

                                           3: Augustan Interlude

                                           4: The Romantic Poetry and Realistic Fiction

                                           5: English Literature of the 20th Century

                                           6: Selected literary terms

Section C:           Reading in the GENRES:

                             Unit       1: Essays

                                           – Bruce Dollar “Child Care in China”

                                           – Christy Brown ” The Letter A”

                                           – Clifford Geertz “Of Cocks and Men”

                                           – Vaelav Havel “The velvet Hangover”

                                           – Jamaica Kincaid ” A small place”

                             Unit       2: Stories:

                                           – Nicholas Mohr “A very special pet”

                                           – Natsume soseki “Iam  a Cat”

                                           – Catherine Lim ” Paper”

                                           – Josef Skyvorecky ” An Insolvable Problems of Genetics”

                                           – Slavomir Mrozak ” The Elephant”

                                           – John Collier ” Wet Saturday”

                             Unit       3: Poems:

                                           – e.e. commings “Buffalo Bill’s”

                                           – W. Shakespeare “When lcicles Hang by the wall”

                                           – Langston Hughes “Dream Variations”

                                           – Richard Snyder ” A Mongoloid Child Handling shells on the Beach”

                                           – Robert Burns ” My love is like a Red Rose”

                             Unit       4: Plays

                                           – Rosalind Vallance “Pandora’s Box”

Grade XII

Full Marks 100

Teaching hours 150

Section – A (Prose)


Twentieth Century Novel – F.S. Fitzgurald “The Great Gatsby”.

Short Stories:

              –             Williams Carlos William.  “The Use of Force”.

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              –             Stephen Crane ” An Episode of War”.

              –             Luigi Pirandello, “The Jar”.

              –             J.F. Powers, “The Valiant Women”,

              –             Ernest Hemingway, “In Another country”.

              –             Maupassant, “Duechouk”.

              –             Chekov. “Enemies”.

              –             Kafka. “The Hunter Graechus”.

              –             Issac Babel. “Di Grassco”.

              –             Chen Jo- Hsi, “The Big Fish”.


              –             John Burgers, “A Day in the Life of Salaryman”.

              –             Gloria Steinem, ” The Time factor”.

              –             Joe Godwin Parker. “What is Poverty?”

              –             Octavio Paz, “The Day of the Dead”.

              –             Gary Goshgarian, “Zeroing in on Science Fiction”.

              –             H.C. Mencken, ” The Penalty of Death”.

Section B: Drama

              –             Synge, “Riders to the Sea”.

              –             Thornton Wilder, “The Happy Journey”.

              –             Anton Chekov, “A Marriage Proposal”.

              –             Tennesee Williams, “Lord Byron’s Love Letter”.

              –             Edmund Rostland, “The Romancers”.

              –             Arthur Canon Doyle. “Waterloo”.

              –             William Inge, “To Bobolink, for Her spirit”.

Section C: Poems (on Various Themes)

              –             Nature : P.B. Shelley, “To the Moon”!

              –             Creature: William Blake, “Tiger”.

              –             Portrait: W. Wordwroth, “She was a Phentom of Delight”.

              –             Stories: Alfred Tennyson. “Lady clare”.

              –             Love: William Shakespeare. “Small I Compare thee to a summer’s Day”.

              –             Humour: Lewis Carroll. “The Mad Gardener’s Song”.

              –             Home and Away:  Langston Hughes. “Afro-American Fragment”.

              –             Belief: John Milton, “On His Blindness”.

              –             Protest: Emily Dickinson, ” Much Madness is Divinest Sense”.

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              –             War: Sandburg, “The Little Girl Saw Her First Troop Parade”.

              –             Death: C. Rossetti. “When I am Dead My Dearest”.

              –             Alienation: Paul Simon, “The Sound of Silence”.

              –             Human Condition:  Louis Simpsion. “The Innerpart”.

–             Meaning of Life: W.H. Auden “Museedes Beaux Arts”.

                                      :  Matthew Arnold, “Dover Beach”.

Prescribed Text Book:

1.           McRae, John and Roy Boardman. “Reading between the lines”

2.           Mosaic : Readings in the Genres. Kathmandu, CUP 1996

3.           Thornley, G.C and G. Roberts. An Outline History of English Literature, Longman

4.           Carter, Ronald and M.N. Long. “The Web of Words”. CUP

1.           F.S. Fitzgerald: The great Gatsby

2.           M.Elias: Plays in one act

3.           Generations: A Thematic Anthology of Poems

4.           Encounters: A Prose Reader 1996

5.           David Daiches ” A Critical History of English Literature” (4 Volume)

6.           J.A. Cuddon. ” The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory, Penguin Books.


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